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PayZakat is a global digital crowd funding charity platform

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    System for aggregation and distribution of charity among projects, funds and countries all over globe

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    And transparent fund flow

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    And security of all transactions

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    and support 24x7,
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Compliant to Shariah Rules

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What is Zakat?

In Shariah, Zakat is one of the five Pillars of Islam. It is a form of alms-giving treated as a religious obligation or tax. It is paid for the benefit of 1 of the 8 groups needy recipients. The size of Zakat is fixed and amounts to 1/40th of a Muslim's wealth. Shariah specifies Nisab, the amount of wealth and property that triggers payment of Zakat.

How to calculate Nisab?

In Shariah Nisab is the minimum amount that a Muslim must have to trigger an obligation to pay Zakat. It amounts to 85g of pure gold or 595g of pure silver. The value of Nisab is listed in monetary units. You can calculate your Nisab of PayZakat claculator. A Muslim whose total wealth does not exceed Nisab is exempt from paying Zakat.

What is Sadaqah?

Sadaqah is a voluntary alms-giving at the will of a Muslim benefactor. The Sadaqah is paid to earn the grace of Allah. Giving Sadaqah secures the giver rewards in both worlds. PayZakat offers great opportunities for holiness and devotion.

How to pay Zakat?

Zakat is paid by Muslim whose wealth exceeds Nisab. On PayZakat site you may choose various charity funds and projects in different countries. All funds and projects had been duly verified by PayZakat; their goals and activities are fully Shariah-compliant.


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