A "Dobro Coffee" Project
How much does it cost to save a life? Just 'give' one of the cups of coffee you drink in a day.
Most of us have heard of diabetes, but what do we know of insulin pumps, glycaemia, glycated haemoglobin?

For people with type one diabetes, these aren't just scary medical terms, but a difficult part of everyday life. And in the case of a small child who wants ice cream, cake, chocolate, marmalade like everyone else and may end up without even bread, it's poison to him.

And now imagine that this child also lives in a mountain village ten kilometres from the nearest doctors and medical institutions - more complicated, right? For such children, hyperglycaemia can be a death sentence.

How can we help these children to live, breathing deeply, experiencing all of the joys of childhood?
Within the framework of the project 'Dobro Coffee', Payzakat together with CAF fund organises a fundraiser for the charity program 'Alpha-Endo - Children of the Dagestan Republic', aimed at helping in the fight for a healthy and happy life.

By donating just 99 roubles - an amount equal to the cost of just one cup of coffee - you can help raise funds for children with diabetes. These funds are used to purchase and install insulin pumps that will help them live.
Our children need your support in the fight against diabetes. Currently, there are about 32 thousand children with type 1 diabetes registered in Russia.

So, let us not sit back, sigh sadly and think of these children with pity. We can help - everyone can become a hero - it does not take much. And, thanks to new technologies, it has become even easier to help - you just have to act!

"To help, you can't ignore" - a choice we make. What will you choose?" Can you turn away?

The choice is yours.
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